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Ganutell Lessons
in English

The craft of Ganutell, which is enjoying a revival in Malta but is little known in other countries, consists of making decorative flowers using silk thread, beads, and metal wires.

It was originally used to decorate churches and statues and nowadays is also used in wedding bouquets, tiaras and other fashion accessories.

This website tells the history of this intricate and beautiful work, from its earliest expression by cloistered nuns to the work of modern-day artisans.
Jacky Menhennet, who started www.ganutell.com decided that, for various personal reasons she could no longer continue to run the Web site which was taking time away from her passion of beading. Therefore she turned over the website to me (Caren Cohen).

Jacky and I have been friends for some time. We met when she was just learning beaded flowers and we've exchanged many emails discussing our mutual hobbies and helping one other learning our new crafts . . . beaded flowers for Jacky, Ganutell for me.

I look forward to the day when I can make a trip to Malta so that Jacky and I can meet in person and spend happy hours beading together.

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